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”We can throw away the habit of a lifetime in a few minutes if we use our brains.“

Alexander Technique



The ATAZ offers seminars and ongoing courses in the Alexander Technique. At the moment there are regular introductory courses, running sessions and "Morgengruß". From time to time there are seminars on special fields of application and advanced training courses for Alexander Technique teachers.

The group courses create the possibility for participants to share their experiences with one another, they provide space for discussion and inspiration and allow everyone to enter uncharted territory together.

Bevorstehende Termine





What is Alexander Technique? Get to know the Alexander Technique in one of our introductory courses. We warmly welcome you to the quiet atmosphere of Studio Equilibrium.
In our introductory courses we experiment with simple, everyday movements. We take the time to gain new experiences in self-awareness and relate these experiences to the principles of the Alexander Technique. How can movement become light and free? Guided by two teachers, there will be room for your individual questions in small groups, which will help you to get started in the Alexander Technique. Our introductory courses last 90 minutes and you can participate in comfortable, everyday clothing. 

Instructors: Manuel Eberle, Mathias Matzner
Place: Studio Equilibrium, Erzgießereistraße 48, 80335 München
Course Fee: 20 Euro

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The endurance run is an archaic form of movement for human beings. Evolution long ago shaped us into savannah runners: Not only are our metabolic processes optimized for this mode of motion, but the basic tone, i.e. our fundamental strength and physical and mental balance are directly and positively influenced by calm, continuous, rhythmic running at a moderate level of exertion.


Modern humans rediscovered this idea of free running in “jogging,” but sometimes also created problems with it as a result of degenerative adaptations to civilization and sedentary activities. The idea of “good self-use” as the basis of physical exercise is the guiding principle of the workshop, which means that jogging is not simply an additional burden, but rather an overwhelming experience of “free running.”

Once a year we host a basic course, in which we apply the Alexander Technique to running in a practical way. Our advanced course is a continuation of the basic course. In it, we address the group dynamics when running together and breathing as the fundamental key to movement. The regular running sessions make it possible to refresh skills learned in the courses. We develop your running technique based on your personal training level. Whether you are a trained athlete or just getting back into running, all are welcome.




...with the Alexander Technique! All those who already have experience with the Alexander Technique and want to evolve it while running are welcome.

Next Workshop 2024 - to be announced

Place: Studio Equilibrium, Olympiapark, Perlacher Forst

Instructors: Alexander Hermann und Manuel Eberle

Group: 6 to 8 participants

Course Fee: 235 Euro / ermäßigt 195 Euro


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Our WhatsApp Running Group 

If interested, please contact Manuel Eberle for further details:

+49 176 32 51 56 72 /



The group course is suitable for beginners and for anyone who wants to expand upon their experience with the Alexander Technique in regular intervals. Observing and exchanging ideas with others in the group opens up learning possibilities that are not available in one-on-one lessons. Thus, the course can also be attended as an extension and intensification of one-on-one lessons. The seminar will focus on various topics such as “breathing,” “back” and “shoulder girdle.” Guided by two teachers, there is space for individual work for 4 to 10 participants.

Instructors: Mathias Matzner und Manuel Eberle

Place: Studio Equilibirum, Erzgießereistraße 48, 80335 München

Course Fee: 300 Euro für 10 Termine

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Anker 4


The day is determined by how we start it. We have the choice to stay on our well-trodden path or to venture down a new one. With the Alexander Technique, we free ourselves from crippling everyday routines, promote lightness and flexibility and we get moving. This breathes new life into us and allows us to meet the challenges of the day in a whole new way. The Morning Greeting is a warm invitation to start the day in this way.

Each course session is divided into two parts: the first part is individual work, just like in the Alexander Technique individual lessons, and the second part is a group exercise. We meet every Wednesday morning at the ATAZ Studio Equilibrium.

Instructors: Mathias Matzner und Manuel Eberle

Place: Studio Equilibrium, Erzgießereistraße 48, 80335 Munich

Time: Wednesdays 8:30 am - 9:20 am
Course Fee: 300 Euros for 10 sessions, reduced fee 250 €, trial session 20 €

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ATAZ offers a regular meetup for Alexander Technique teachers and graduates to come together and exchange ideas. The meetup provides an atmosphere for trying out new ideas and experimenting. Questions and requests regarding the participants’ teaching and learning activities can be individually addressed.


Both experienced and trainee teachers of the Alexander Technique are welcome, as are teachers looking to get back into teaching and students in their last year of training. The teacher meetup is closely related to the ATAZ teacher training course and is led by two assistant teachers. We meet to work with our hands, to converse with each other and to reflect on topics related to the Alexander Technique. We use the time to devote ourselves to the procedures of the Alexander Technique such as “Hands on the back of a chair” or “Whispered ah,” to clarify more detailed questions and to practice group work.

Contact Person: Mathias Matzner und Manuel Eberle

Place: Studio Equilibirum, Erzgießereistraße 48, 80335 Munich

Time: Every second Wednesday, 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Course Fee: 40 €, discount given for regular participation and for graduates of the ATAZ teacher training program

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Alexander-Technik Online


ATAZ offers group sessions online on Zoom. Please sign in with the form below to join our Meetings.

Contact Person: Mathias Matzner und Manuel Eberle


Duration: ca. 40 min

Course Fee: 15 €, please ask for discount

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