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”Everyone wants to be right but no one stops to consider if their idea of right is right.“


Alexander Technique


The goal of ATAZ’s teacher training is to communicate the essence of FM Alexander’s insights as authentically, directly and vividly as possible, undiluted by passing trends, while simultaneously integrating relevant information from current research in a meaningful way.


The Alexander Technique Association Germany (ATVD) sets certain guidelines for teacher training. The guideline for the number of training hours is 1600.
“The ATVD ensures the high quality of education and instruction in FM Alexander Technique through consistent and demanding training guidelines. This training is given by schools recognized by the ATVD. The training guidelines are coordinated with other national associations, the Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies (ATAS), and are further developed within this framework.”

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The content of the teacher training is designed to practically mediate the Alexander Technique principles, based on the insights of F.M. Alexander (1869–1955), as described in his four books. The guidelines of the Alexander Technique Association Germany e.V. (ATVD) and the International Affiliated Societies ATAS also play an important role.

The practical training includes developing hands-on work, working through procedures and the playful application of the principles using concrete examples.

The theoretical training focuses on the study of F.M. Alexander’s works and their significance in the humanities and natural sciences.

Throughout the lessons students learn to apply the principles of the Alexander Technique to specific procedures and activities, and, at the same time, are encouraged to transfer what they have learned to their daily lives. Gradually, they learn to apply the same principles when using their hands in order to teach the Alexander Technique themselves.

Studying F.M. Alexander’s writings in English and in German is a daily part of the training. Relevant knowledge of anatomy, physiology and neurobiology is regularly communicated in a clear and creative way (in German). The practical and theoretical work always leads to interdisciplinary discussions and explanations from the Alexander Technique’s point of view regarding anthropology, psychology, philosophy and education.

ATAZ strives to create a pleasant, safe and sustainable work environment that encourages every student to explore and discover the technique for themselves. This means engaging in a sometimes enjoyable, sometimes turbulent, process of change that, over the course of the training, allows students to find their own understanding and style of teaching.


The Alexander-Technik Ausbildungszentums ATAZ (Alexander Technique Training Center) Munich on Erzgießereistraße 48 was founded in May 2004 by Alexander Hermann and Mary Holland; the center continues in the tradition of Mary Holland’s Munich Alexander Technique School – one of the first in Germany – which she opened in Munich in 1986 and ran until 1997. The tradition goes back to Walter Carrington, in whose London school Mary Holland herself received her training. She has a direct connection to the founder through her personal acquaintance with F.M. Alexander at a young age. The Alexander Technique Training Center ATAZ Munich is committed to this line of thought.


In 2013, Alexander Hermann joined Mary Holland as co-director of the training course, after graduating from her training course in 1996 and working as her long-time assistant. Since 2021, Alexander Hermann has assumed full direction of the teacher training course.

Since 2018, the training management has been aided by a team of assistant teachers. Sophie Wendt, Melanie Ahner-Kraus, Mathias Matzner and Manuel Eberle strengthen the training through their continuous participation.


For more information about teacher training download our PDF or contact us directly:

Alexander Hermann

089 52 38 99 98

08104 889 77 15

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Post Graduate Studies


The postgraduate studies at ATAZ Munich offer trained Alexander Technique teachers the opportunity to refresh their skills and expand upon them with new experiences. It can be designed as a follow-up program to vocational training, as a refresher course to get back into teaching or simply as an advanced training program; the postgraduate studies are closely related to the teacher training program of the ATAZ Munich.

You can find additional information on the postgraduate studies in our PDF:


If you have any further questions or you are interested in the Postgratuate Studies, please contact the director of the training course:

Alexander Hermann

089 52 38 99 98

08104 889 77 15

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