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Alexander Technique – a path to more balance and lightness




is a private teacher at the Alexander-Technik Ausbildungszentums ATAZ (Alexander Technique Training Center) in Munich and gives private lessons there. He also works in the Alexander Technique teacher training program and offers courses with colleagues and regular introductory evenings with Manuel Eberle.

After studying engineering in Ulm and music pedagogy at the HMT in Munich, he received his Alexander Technique training from Mary Holland and Alexander Hermann. Since then he has been teaching at ATAZ, where he has become interested in clearly communicating the essentials of the technique in its original form.


This takes place in a natural, relaxed setting in which the student can gain experience with the Alexander Technique at his or her own pace – with plenty of time and care. These first liberating experiences may bring about lightness and ease, but they can also set profound and far-reaching processes of change into motion.

The Alexander Technique is an effective way to change – to find more balance and serenity.

There are many different areas in which the Alexander Technique can be helpful. Whether it’s dealing with stress and tension, with pain and other symptoms due to treating yourself unfavorably, playing an instrument, playing sports, sitting, standing or walking – the Alexander Technique can be effectively applied to all areas of life. Thus, the lessons are also geared towards this practical application of the technique.

To arrange individual lessons and for questions about lessons and courses, please feel free to reach out by phone or email.


+49 89 80040264

+49 157 31787034

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