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The only constant is change.




Melanie Ahner-Kraus has been involved with the Alexander Technique for 18 years. With this method she managed to free herself from chronical back-pain. Convinced of the Technique‘s effectiveness, she has been practising it daily, teaching since 2014.

Melanie Ahner-Kraus became aware of the Alexander Technique while she was a student, though it took her ten years until she decided to actively take lessons. In the meantime she was studying cello and Musicology in Munich and Trossingen. After the birth of her two children, she took the
training course by Mary Holland and Alexander Hermann from 2010-2014. Following her certification, she undertook a 6 year assistantship which then resulted in a full membership in the ATAZ teaching team. She is also responsible for the ATAZ library.

It’s her wish to accompany the students where they stand and with the Technique lead them step by step to a better quality in life.


Melanie Ahner-Kraus teaches in the East of Munich, Rosenheimer Str. 218


The method provides a way to successfully navigate the dynamic demands of modern life

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