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Breathe calmly and deeply –
feel awake and alive




has taught the Alexander Technique since 2015 in private lessons and seminars. He completed his teacher training from 2012 to 2015 in Barcelona with Nica Gimeno and in Munich with Mary Holland and Alexander Hermann.


Manuel Eberle studied music after graduating high school and gained a wealth of experience on stage and during instrumental lessons with his trumpet.

As a seminar leader, Manuel Eberle teaches the Alexander Technique in various contexts. Since the method offers a way to deal well with the dynamic demands of modern life, there is a wide variety of applications. Thus, he and Alexander Hermann came up with the concept of “Alexander Technique and Running.“


Manuel Eberle and Mathias Matzner plan and host the introductory evenings in the Alexander Technique. Manuel Eberle also gives bi-annual weekend courses alongside Sr. Erika Stadelmaier in the guest house of Communität Christusbruderschaft in Selbitz. He regularly works as an assistant in the teacher training program at the ATAZ in Munich.

The basis of his private lessons is the simple experience of “being relaxed.” It is the breeding ground for experiencing your own strength and establishing trust. The Alexander Technique thus becomes a tool for personal growth.

The method provides a way to successfully navigate the dynamic demands of modern life



Junge Deutsche Philharmonie

Accompanying the musicians in the trial phase

Bayerisches Staatsorchester – 
Audition training for music students

Tonkünstlerverband Bayern e.V.
Alexander-technique advanced training for musicians

Musikforum Blutenburg –
Teacher training at the music school

Diakonie Freudenstadt –
Training for employees, health day

Rudolf Steiner Schule München Schwabing

Alexander-technique for the advanced level of the high school


Studio Equilibrium,

Erzgießereistraße 48, 80335 München,  

Amalienstraße 41, 80799 München

+49 89 23749941

+49 176 32515672

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