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received her qualification as an Alexander Technique teacher in 1970 from Walter and Dilys Carrington in London. She worked for 14 years at their school, the Constructive Teaching Centre, as an assistant and a private teacher. 


She taught the technique in two acting schools in London and gave seminars in the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and the United States. Her publications include the article “A Way of Working” and the chapter “Meeting the Unexpected” in the book Curiosity Recaptured published by Mornum Time Press, as well as the article “Time for Reflection” for the STAT (England). In 2004, she was invited to give the annual commemorative speech at the AMSTAT (USA) and, also in the same year, the commemorative speech of the STAT (England) “Letting it Happen – Chance, Choice and Change.” In 2018 she gave the seminar “A Welcoming Attitude” at the world congress in Chicago.

She moved to Munich in 1984 and from 1986 to 1997 led one of the first training courses in Germany. She has been the director of the Alexander-Technik Ausbildungszentums ATAZ (Alexander Technique Training Center) in Munich since 2004. As a young girl, Mary Holland was fortunate enough to receive an hour of training from F.M. Alexander himself.

In 2019, Mary Holland moved back to London and still attends teacher training at the ATAZ twice a year as a senior consultant.


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